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Flexmeter Wrist Guards

Flexmeter Wrist Guards

Surgeon designed Flexmeter wrist guards provide very high protection against snowboarding and other action sports wrist injuries. They feature a unique upper wrist splint which has been designed by a leading winter sports injury surgeon to prevent wrist injuries. These wrist guards are recommended for all levels of snowboarders and can also be used for mountain biking! 

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Surgeon designed Flexmeter wrist guards provide outstanding protection against snowboarding wrist injuries. To prevent snowboarding wrist injuries, they use a upper wrist 'Flexmeter' splint which has been specifically designed by a leading French sports injury surgeon, based at the medical centre in Avoriaz.  These 'original' Flexmeter Wrist Guards are recommended for all levels of snowboarders. They do not overly restrict your movement so can still be used for tricks and to grab the board. They can also be used for mountain biking!  Flexible and durable: allows high mobility of the wrist while offering very high protection against fractures and breaks. Made of thermoplastic Hytrel® by Dupont, which provides enhanced flexibility and shock absorption. The Flexmeter wrist guard splint protects and covers the full wrist and top of the forearm to prevent wrist hyperextension and to absorb compression forces. The wrist guards are cushioned against the wearer's skin including cotton and DuPont Lycra, making them very comfortable to wear. The wrist guards are secured with two strong Velcro straps for a precision fit. Worn by all levels of snowboarders and often described by our customers as the best wrist guards on the market. Even snowboard instructors wear them! You never know when you will take an unexpected and/or awkward fall. These guards can also be used for mountain biking as the Flexmeter splint is on the upper wrist, so you can still grip the handle bars.  Intended to be worn under snowboard/ski gloves for snowboarding. Note: the gloves will need to be suitably sized to allow the wrist guards to be worn underneath. However, fitting gloves with this model is usually not a problem.  If you are in the research phase about wrist guards, please do not compromise on safety and buy cheaper wrist guards that were originally designed for skateboarding (typically shorter and the splint is on the palm side only). We have had a very large number of customers come to us who have broken their wrists wearing these ..  The cost, pain and inconvenience of a broken wrist (which often can happen on the 1st day of an expensive snowboarding holiday ... ) far outweighs the small extra cost of purchasing surgeon designed Flexmeter wrist guards, specifically designed for snowboarders.   To best fit the guards, pull them right up, then secure the strap around your wrist firmly first. Then secure the second strap further up your arm (this one does not have to be extremely tight, it just needs to hold the guard in place). Please note: Medium and Large sizes are now black in colour. Small is red. 
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2011-06-13 katharine .... As a small female (no longer in the first flush of youth) I wanted to protect my wrists when mountain
biking. These are just the job, and the advice and service from Alps Gear was great.

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